Family Chronicle – July/August 2009
Family Chronicle – July/August 2009
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Family Chronicle – July/August 2009, edited Edward Zapletal; Published July/August 2009 by Moorshead Magazines Ltd.; New back issue; 54 pp; Item # FCJA09; The price of this item includes postage within the United States.

Articles found in this issue include:

  • Recession Proof Your Research, by Liza A. Alzo
  • Getting My Feet Wet: A Beginner’s Experience, by Leslie Mason
  • Genealogy Society Announcements
  • Looking for a Man Who Didn’t Want to be Found, by Diane L. Richard and Mary Ann Boyle
  • Hidden in Plain Sight, by Emily A. Croom
  • Want to Find a Long Lost Relative? Write a Book! by Lisa A. Alzo
  • Arriving in New York, by Leslie Albrecht Huber
  • Just For the Fun of It! by Emily A Croom
  • Capturing WWII Veteran Memories, by Diane L. Richard
  • Researching Scottish Ancestry, by Marian Press
  • Heirloom Research, by Dawn Witzke
  • The Roots of a Story, by Steve Luxenberg
  • Sourcing Your Sources, by Michael Hait
  • Research Resources
  • Western Living, by Beverly Smith Vorpahl
  • Who Was Mary Williams’ Mother?, by Marian Press
  • Websites Worth Surfing
  • Visiting Cemeteries, by Gail Blankenau
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