Why Do We Care About The X Chromosome? Ancestral Guide - PDF EBook
Why Do We Care About The X Chromosome? <em>Ancestral Guide</em> - PDF EBook
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Why Do We Care About the X Chromosome? Ancestral Guide; by Regina Negrycz; an Ancestral Beginnings Guide; 2019; 8.5x11; PDF eBook; 4 pp; ISBN 978-1-62859-270-2; Item #: FR0801PDF.

This 4-Page Ancestral Guide shows in visual format how you inherited your X Chromosome.

  • Page one – Some X Minutiae & Some X Tidbits Lists.
  • Page two – 23&me kits on GEDmatch that have not input their gender (U=Unknown). How Many X Donors Could I Have in 6 Generations?
  • Page three – Analysis of Male to Female Match Having Autosomal & X DNA.
  • Page four - Analysis of Male to Male (M:M) Having Autosomal & X DNA.

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This Ancestral Guide is also available as a printed 4-page 8.5x11 folded glossy cardstock item. Click on this link to see it at its own page.