The 1790 Census: A Quick Look - A Genealogists' Insta-Guide - PDF EBook
The 1790 Census: A Quick Look - A Genealogists
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The 1790 Census: A Quick Look - A Genealogists' Insta-Guide; by William Dollarhide; 2018; 4 pp; PDF eBook; ISBN: 978-1-62859-234-4; Item # FR0170-pdf

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This Insta-Guide covers:

  • The Constitutional provision for a Federal Census
  • Who were to be enumerated 1790
  • Federal District Courts
  • The Census Day
  • Form and Content of the 1790 Census
  • States Available (or Lost)
  • First Printed Extract
  • 1790 Census Page illustrations
  • 1790 Federal Census Extraction Form
  • The U.S.A. in 1790 Map
  • Where to Find the 1790 Census
  • Originals, Microfilm & Digital Capture
  • Online Databases

This item is also available as a printed guide.