Tracing Your Italian Ancestors
Tracing Your Italian Ancestors
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Tracing Your Italian Ancestors, from the Publishers of "Family Cronicle" and "Internet Genealogy" & "History Magazine"; by Marcia Iannizzi Melnyk & Mary M. Tedesco; Published 2015; 82 pp; Item # MM018

This book is also available in PDF format.

  • Plan A Research Trip!
  • The Basics of Italian Research
  • Locating Online Resources
  • Passenger Manifests
  • Italian Military Records
  • Italian Civil Records
  • Home & Family Records
  • Church Records
  • Italian Notary Records
  • Naturalization Records
  • Children Born to Unwed Parents in Italy
  • Visiting Ancestral Villages!

Here is a complete list of articles you will find in this special edition publication:

  • Italian Research Basics Marcia Iannizzi Melnyk shares strategies and available resources to help you get started in your search
  • Home And Family Records, Marcia Iannizzi Melnyk looks at the importance of talking to your oldest relatives to see what they can add to your research
  • Naturalization Records, Marcia Iannizzi Melnyk looks at one of the most important records you will need for your Italian research
  • Passenger Manifests, Marcia Iannizzi Melnyk looks at the records available to help trace your ancestors’ travels to their new homeland
  • Microfilm And Online Records Marcia Iannizzi Melnyk explains what you can discover in microfilm and online image resources
  • Planning A Research Trip To Italy Mary M. Tedesco offers tips for success and suggestions for repositories you shouldn’t miss
  • Understanding Italian Civil Records Mary M. Tedesco looks at why civil records are an important part of Italian genealogy research
  • Roman Catholic Church Records Mary M. Tedesco shines a light on the various resources available from the Roman Catholic Church
  • Italian Notary Records Mary M. Tedesco reveals why these records are the best source for adding context to a family’s life
  • Italian Military Records Mary M. Tedesco looks at Italian military records for your family history research
  • Children Born to Unwed Parents in Italy Mary M. Tedesco offers strategies for researching children born to unwed parents in Italy
  • Visiting Italian Ancestral Villages Mary M. Tedesco shows us why it’s important to experience your ancestral homeland