History Magazine; June/July 2013
History Magazine; June/July 2013
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History Magazine; June/ July 2013 , edited by Edward Zapletal; Published June/ July 2013; paper; 54 pp; 8.5x11; Full Color; Item # HMJJ13; The price of this item includes postage within the United States.


  • The Capture Of Quebec.
  • Dutch Settlers in New Jersey
  • Mysterious Disappearance of the Mary Celeste.
  • Famous Last Words.
  • The London Monster.
  • The 1632 Battle Lutzen.
  • The Incognito Reporter.


  • OPEN NOTES; Trivia: Origin of the word “COP”, The history of Velcro.
  • LIFE ON THE CHESAPEAKE & OHIO CANAL.; James Rada Jr. explores what life was like along the C&O Canal from its beginnings in 1828 until its closure in 1924.
  • THE 1632 BATTLE OF LUTZEN; Don Hollway examines the pivotal battle in the last of the European wars of religion.
  • FAMOUS LAST WORDS; Steve Semiatin examines the famous last words of some notable people from the past.
  • THE LONDON MONSTER; Chuck Lyons investigates the mystery of a man who terrorized the city of London in the late 18th century.
  • THE CAPTURE OF QUEBEC; The destiny of North America changed forever in this 1759 battle.
  • DUTCH SETTLEMENT OF NEW JERSEY; Melody Amsel- Arieli looks at how Dutch colonists made a new life for themselves along the Raritan River.
  • THE INCOGNITO REPORTER; Michael Dupuis recounts how, in 1935, a reporter from the Winnipeg Tribune infiltrated the ranks of unemployed strikers to get his paper’s story.
  • HINDSIGHT; A look at a selection of books and DVDs you might want to add to your shelf.
  • FINDMYPAST.com’s DIGGING UP THE ROOTS; Lizzie Borden and a criminal history revealed.

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