History Magazine; December/ January 2013
History Magazine; December/ January 2013
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History Magazine; December/ January 2013 , edited by Edward Zapletal; Published December/ January2013; paper; 54 pp; 8.5x11; Full Color; Item # HMDJ13; The price of this item includes postage within the United States.


  • Great Flu Pandemic of 1918.
  • History of the Income Tax.
  • The Comics Code Authority.
  • The Harrowing Journey Abroad The Jeanie Johnston.
  • Royal Mail Coaches.
  • Chief Yellowhead.
  • The Melbone Street Wreck.
  • The History Of The Daily Planner.


  • OPEN NOTES; Trivia: William “Pussyfoot” Johnson, Absolutely Fireproof.
  • “HELL on WHEELS” and the BIG TENT; David A. Norris tells the story of the building of the Union Pacific Railway.
  • BEFORE the IRON HORSE; Eric Niderost looks at the history of the Royal Mail coaches from 1784-1846.
  • ALL STANDING; In an excerpt from her upcoming book, All Standing, Kathryn Miles tells the true story of hunger, rebellion, and survival aboard the Jeanie Johnston.
  • THE COMICS CODE AUTHORITY ; One senator’s attempt to regulate the comic book industry in the booming 1950s.
  • THE GREAT FLU PANDEMIC OF 1918; Steve Semiatin looks at the worst influenza outbreak in history.
  • THE ORIGIN OF THE INCOME TAX; Almost everyone hates it. Here’s a history of how it came to be.
  • THE HISTORY OF AMERICA’S FIRST DAILY PLANNER; Molly McCarthy looks at how a publishing bust led to a powerful brand.
  • CALIFORNIA MISSIONS : PART 2 ; The final installment of Amanda Epperson’s look at the history of the founding of California’s missions.
  • THE MELBONE STREET WRECK ; Chuck Lyons looks at one of the worst railway accidents in US history.
  • CHIEF YELLOWHEAD; Andrew Hind looks at a staunch supporter of the British and Defender of Upper Canada during the rebellion of 1837.
  • HINDSIGHT; A look at a selection of books and DVDs you might want to add to your shelf.

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