1895 Map Of Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Hungary & More
1895 Map Of Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Hungary & More
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1895 Map of Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Hungary & More; 1 pp; Map; 10.5x14; published: 1898; Item # FS151

This is a full color reproduction of an 1895 map of Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Hungary, Galicia, Bosnia, Croatia and Slavonia, Carniola, Istria, Styria, Carinthia and Tyrol. First published in Rand, McNally & Co’s Universal Atlas of the World, Containing Colored Maps of Every Country & Civil Division Upon the Face of the Globe with marginal index together with historical, descriptive, and statistical matter pertaining to each, ready reference lists to the United States, colored statistical diagrams, and city maps, also a concise review, richly illustrated by engravings, of the world's peoples


Areas include: Austria, Bohemia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bukowina, Carinthia, Carniola, Croatia, Dalmatia, Galicia, Hungary, Istria, Moravia, Slavonia, Styria, Transylvania, Tyrol and much more.