50 Family Tree Images By Paper Tree
50 Family Tree Images By Paper Tree
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50 Family Tree Images by Paper Tree; 50 Charts; CD; Published: 2013; illustrations; Item # PT001

50 Family Tree Images is a CD collection of uniquely designed graphical family tree images. Each file is a different piece of art to which you can add your family's pedigree and print.

  • Use the included thumbnail chart (found inside the case) to select the picture you wish to use
  • Import or open the .tif image file into your graphics program (e.g. PhotoShop Elements)
  • Use the graphics program to add text (family names) to the image
  • Print the image, small or large
  • Save the image for later use

Here are some project ideas from Paper Tree:

  • Frame and hang your charts
  • Make invitations to your reunion
  • Create a visual reference for you library
  • Help get the youngsters involved in their family's history
  • Even create placemats for family meals

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