Colonial And Revolutionary Families Of Pennsylvania, Three Volumes
Colonial And Revolutionary Families Of Pennsylvania, Three Volumes
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Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, Three Volumes; By John W. Jordan; x + 1,706 pp.; Paperback; Published: 1911; Reprinted: 2004; ISBN: 9780806352398; Item # CF3120D

These three volumes contain possibly the most authoritative collection of Pennsylvania genealogies ever assembled. The editor, John W. Jordan, was a celebrated historian as well as a genealogist, and, with his able assistants, among whom we find the great Warren S. Ely, he produced a work that is yet unmatched in scope and accuracy, covering fully 250 colonial and Revolutionary families in a series of independent genealogical narratives.

Extending from two or three pages to twenty and thirty pages or more, the genealogies generally commence with the known ancestors of the first Pennsylvania settler and proceed in the direct line of descent to representatives of the family in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, touching, in this manner, on as many as seven or eight or more generations, each member of which is scrupulously accounted for by name, spouse, issue, and dates of birth, marriage, and death, surfacing again, in many cases, as the subject of a biographical essay.

The original publication contained a good many full-page portraits which, in the interest of economy, we have omitted in this reprint. But whereas the original work lacked a guide to contents, we have made good this deficiency, adding a table of contents to each volume. Below is a list of the families treated:

Abbot, Adams/Anshutz, Ashhurst, Ashton, Babcock/Badcocke, Baird, Balch, Ball, Ballard, Barnes, Beaver, Benners, Bevan, Biddle, Bigger, Bissell, Blaine, Blight, Blynn, Bodine, Boggs, Bonsall, Bosbyshell, Bournonville, Brackenridge, Brice, Brodhead, Brown, Bryden, Bunting, Burchfield, Burnham, Butler, Calvert, Carpenter, Carstairs, Cass, Cassatt, Chaplin, Chew, Childs, Clark, Comegys, Converse, Cooke, Corbin, Coyle, Craig, Crispin, Crowell, Curtin, Cuthbert, Darte, De Armit, Dechert, Decker, Denny, Derr, Diehl, Donaldson, Duane, Dupui, Eaton, Ellison, Emlen, Etting, Eveland, Fassett, Findley, Fisher, Flagg, Follansbee, Fox, Friend, Gilpin, Gleffer, Haddock, Haines, Hamill, Hamilton, Hart, Haseltine, Hays, Herron, Hewson, Heyl, Hillman, Holme, Horne, Horner, Houston, Howard, Hudson, Huff, Hunt, Irish, Irwin, Jeffries, Johnson, Jordan, Kendrick, Kennedy, Kent, Kimber, Kinney, Lammot, Larimer, Laughlin, Leaming, Lennig, Lindsay, Lloyd , Logan, Logue, Loughrey, Lovejoy, Lydick, Lyne, Lyon, Maclay, Madeira, Magee, Mann, Marshall, Marston, McCall, McCandless, McClintock, McCloud, McCully, McCurdy, McKean, McMasters, Mehard, Mercur, Merrill, Miller, Miner, Molten, Montgomery, Moon, Morris, Morrow, Mosier, Mowry, Mulford, Neale, Neff, Newhall, Nichols, Norris, O'Hara, Osbourn, Paine, Parker, Patton, Paulson, Pearson, Peet, Pemberton, Penn, Pennypacker, Pequignot, Perrin, Philips, Pinkerton, Plumly, Plumstead, Porter, Potter, Powell, Preston, Price, Purves, Putnam, Rawle, Rea, Reed, Reynolds, Richards, Ricketts, Riter, Robb, Robbins, Roberts, Robinson, Rouse, Ruffner, Rupp, Sailor, Samson, Sanderson, Sankey, Scott, Sellers, Semple, Serrill, Shattuck, Sheakley, Sheppard, Shippen, Shiras, Shoemaker, Shriver, Sill, Singer, Smith, Snowden, Sparhawk, Steel, Stevens, Stevenson, Sullivan, Swift, Thomas, Thorington, Tingley, Townsend, Turnbull, Tyson, Van Leer, Waddell/Smith, Wagner, Wainwright, Wallace, Waller, Waln, Walter, Ward, Warner, Weaver, Weitzel, Wells, Wentworth, Wharton, Whelen, Wiederseim, Wignall, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Willing, Wilson, Winsheimer, Wistar/Wister, Wister, Wurts, Wynne, and Yeates.