Early Families Of Wallingford, Connecticut, With A New Index
Early Families Of Wallingford, Connecticut, With A New Index
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Early Families of Wallingford, Connecticut, With a New Index; By Charles Henry Stanley Davis; 318 pp.; Paperback; Published: 1870; Reprinted: 2002; ISBN: 9780806308340; Item # CF1365D

Excerpted from Davis' History of Wallingford, Conn., this work treats some seventy early Wallingford families. Each family history commences with a paragraph on the origins and background of the earliest known settler and proceeds from there with a recitation of descents until all available data are either brought up to date or exhausted. The families treated in the work are as follows: Abernathy, Alling/Allen, Andrews, Atwater, Bartholomew, Beach, Beadles, Bellamy, Benham, Blakeslee, Bristol, Brockett, Bunnel, Carrington, Clark, Cook, Cowles/Coles, Culver, Curtis, Doolittle, Dutton, Fenn, Foot, Gaylord, Hall, Hart, Hitchcock, Holt, Hotchkiss, Hough, How, Hull, Humiston, Ives, Johnson, Jones, Kirkland, Lewis, Martin, Mattoon, Merriman, Miles, Mix, Moss, Munson, Noyes, Parker, Preston, Reynolds, Royce, Stanley, Street, Thompson, Thorp, Tuttle, Tyler, Whittelsey, and Wilcox. With a new index of 7,500 names.