Index To Marriages In The (Baltimore) Sun, 1851-1860
Index To Marriages In The (Baltimore) Sun, 1851-1860
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Index to Marriages in The (Baltimore) Sun, 1851-1860; by Thomas L. Hollowak; 292 pp; Paperback; Published: 1978, Reprinted: 2007; ISBN: 9780806308272; Item # CF2820

This book, a sequel to the author's Index to Marriages and Deaths in The (Baltimore) Sun, 1837-1850, deals only with marriages, but goes through 1860. Arranged alphabetically by grooms' names, there also is an index of brides and others mentioned in the marriage notices. About 15,000 marriages are recorded, and with the others mentioned, about 35,000 persons are cited in the text. Each entry has the marriage date, and exactly where and when it appeared in the paper