[British] Medals, The Researcher’s Guide
[British] Medals, The Researcher’s Guide
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Medals, The Researcher’s Guide; by William Spencer; Published: 2006; Hardcover; 224 pp; 6.5x9.5; ISBN 9781903365632; Item TNA18

The awarding of medals has become an invaluable part of military history, as well as the personal history for those who won them. Many family historians have collected the medals of their ancestors as family heirlooms. However, how many genealogists are aware that for every medal there is a medal roll kept and possible a war office medal records card. Information on theses cards included name, units and regiments, and theaters of war. Records may also contain place and year of birth along with other information. Through these records one can trace their ancestors through military service and war efforts. The research may also find clues to their lives before and after individual service. Medal: The Researcher's Guide, by William Spencer, examines British military service through awarded medals. This volume can help the family historian navigate unique sources at the National Archives and the India Office records at the British Library.

Records from 200 years of conflicts, wars, and events involving British military around the world and the medals, decorations, and awards service members received are available for research. This book breaks them all down. Medals given during and between major conflicts are described. Records are sampled and explored. 20 case studies help break down the process and demonstrate the usefulness of these resources.

As the book covers records that go back as early as 1793, anyone whose British ancestor migrated after that time may find use in searching these military records.

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