The French In The Americas, 1620-1820
The French In The Americas, 1620-1820
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The French in the Americas, 1620-1820; by David Dobson; viii + 102; 8.5x11; Paperback; Published: 2011; ISBN: 9780806355467; Item # CF9709D

This book by Dr. David Dobson identifies people of French origin living in the Americas, based largely on documents found in British government records. By the middle of the 18th century, an estimated 15,000 French colonists were living in Acadia, 55,000 in mainland Canada, and 10,000 along the Mississippi River from Louisiana and Illinois. In the Caribbean the main French settlements were in Guadaloupe, Martinique, Cayenne, and St. Dominique. While the main sources on these immigrants can be found in French and North American archives, David Dobson has unearthed references to 1,500-2,000 settlers buried in British records.

For each immigrant named in this alphabetical list of immigrants, Dr. Dobson provides the following particulars: a date in the Americas, place, and the source of information. In many instances you will also find one or more of the following: occupation, dates of birth and death, vessel sailed upon, names of family members, and port of embarkation, and/or arrival. Typical of the entries in the volume are the following:

  • Papillon, Peter

    , a merchant in Boston, with cargo aboard the Catherine of Boston forfeited as a pirate vessel in Antigua 1730. [APCCol.1735.292].
  • Tulon, Garantre

    , from St. Malo, France, aboard the St. Elina Modesta of St. Malo bound for Cape Breton, landed there 2 May 1715 [SPAWI.1716.47].