Company Aytch Or A Side Show Of The Big Show: A Memoir Of The Civil War
Company Aytch Or A Side Show Of The Big Show: A Memoir Of The Civil War
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Company Aytch or A Side Show of the Big Show: A Memoir of the Civil War ; by Sam R. Watkins; 1882, 2011; softbound; ISBN: 9781596528406; Item TP406.

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War: The definitive Civil War classic as Sam wanted it revised—complete with his edits, new perspectives, authoritative text, and images of his changes. Company Aytch has reigned as one of the most memorable and honest depictions of the American Civil War since its original publication in 1882. Sam R. Watkins’s firsthand account of life as a Confederate soldier eloquently captured the realities of war, the humor and pathos of soldiering, and the tragic, historic events in which he participated. Although there have been other versions of Company Aytch published, this is the first with new material and revisions by Sam Watkins himself. Featuring over forty images, including his own pencil-marked edits, this volume combines the ageless text with Sam’s intended revisions—a treasure for lovers of history, academia, and Civil War enthusiasts alike.

About the Author

Samuel R. Watkins (1839–1901) was born near Columbia, Tennessee, and enlisted into the First Tennessee Infantry, Company H at the beginning of the Civil War. His great-granddaughter Ruth Hill Fulton McAllister earned a bachelor’s degree in History from Vanderbilt University, and lives in Columbia, Tennessee.