RootsMagic Webinars On CD, Volume 1
RootsMagic Webinars On CD, Volume 1
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RootsMagic Webinars on CD, Volume 1; by Bruce Buzbee;Published: 2011; CD-ROM; Item # RM04

Learn your favorite software from the experts! Due to popular demand, RootsMagic has recorded their online classes (webinars) and made them available on computer CD. Watch them right from the convenience of your own computer where you can follow along and set your own pace. No internet connection required!

Each Volume contains:

  • Not 1, but 10 complete classes covering a variety of topics and products
  • Recordings in standard .mp4 format, watchable on most Windows and Mac computers and portable devices
  • A browseable menu of classes with printable notes of topics covered in each webinar

Volume 1

Over 13 hours of training on 1 computer CD!

Classes include:

  • Getting Started with RootsMagic
  • Publishing a Family History with RootsMagic
  • RootsMagic and FamilySearch for Family History Centers
  • FamilySearch Made Easy with RootsMagic
  • RootsMagic To-Go: Running RootsMagic on a Flash Drive
  • Sources, Citations, and Documentation with RootsMagic
  • Working with Files and Folders in RootsMagic
  • Cleaning Your Family Tree in RootsMagic
  • Personal Historian: Bringing Life to Your Life Stories
  • Creating Custom Reports with RootsMagic
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