Research In South Carolina
Research In South Carolina
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Research in South Carolina– NGS Research in the States Series; by Janis Walker Gilmore, edited by Barbara Vines Little; Soft Cover, Saddle Stapled; 8.5x11 in.;; 42 pp ISBN: 978-1-935815-02-0; Published 2011 by the National Genealogical Society, Arlington, VA; Item NGS16

The National Genealogical Society’s Research in the States series, of which this book is one, had it’s start in the NGS Quarterly with the publication of “Master Plan for North Carolina Research” in 1987. The Quarterly continued to publish state guides and NGS later issued many of them as special publications. This series includes both revised editions of earlier guides and some new states. Additional states are planned and Family Roots Publishing plans to distribute them as they are printed.

The following is found on the Table of Contents pages of the South Carolina volume:


  • Topographical and Cultural Divisions
  • Early Government of the Colony

    • South Carolina Department of Archives and History
    • South Carolina Library, University of South Carolina
    • South Carolina Historical Society
    • Other Repositories
    • State and Local Genealogical and Historical Societies


    • Atlases, Gazetteer, and Maps
    • Bible Records
    • Biographical Sources
    • Business and Organizational Records
    • Cemetery Records
    • Census Records – Colonial Censuses
    • Census Records – State Censuses
    • Census Records - Federal Censuses
    • Church Records
    • County or Other Jurisdictional Formation; Dates of Major Jurisdictional Change
    • Court Records – Grand Council/His Majesty’s Council
    • Court Records – Court of Chancery (Later the Court of Equity)
    • Court Records – Courts of Common Pleas (Civil) and Court of General Sessions (Criminal)
    • Court Records – Court of Ordinary (Probate)
    • Court Records – Court of Appeals (Supreme Court)
    • Court Records – Jurisdictional Map
    • Court Records –Federal Courts
    • Directories
    • Ethnic Records – African American
    • Ethnic Records – French Huguenots
    • Ethnic Records – Germans
    • Ethnic Records – Irish, Scots, and Scots-Irish
    • Ethnic Records – Native Americans
    • Genealogical and Historical Periodicals
    • Institutional Records – State Mental Institution
    • Institutional Records – Department of Corrections
    • Land Records – Land Grants: From the Colony or State to the Private Owner
    • Land Records – Mesne Conveyance: From Private Owner to Private Owner
    • Land Records – Land Memorials
    • Land Records – North Carolina Grants in South Carolina
    • Military Records – Colonial Wars
    • Military Records –Revolutionary War
    • Military Records – War of 1812
    • Military Records – Indian Wars
    • Military Records – Mexican War, 1846
    • Military Records – Civil War 1861-1865
    • Military Records –Spanish-American War, 1898-1899
    • Military Records – World Wars
    • Naturalization and Immigration Records
    • Newspapers
    • Probate Records and Wills
    • Reconstruction
    • State Records
    • Tax Records
    • Vital Records – Birth, Death and Marriage Records Prior to State-wide Registration
    • Voter Records
    • Women
    • Conclusion

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