OUT OF PRINT - DO NOT Order - Evidence Explained - Citing History Sources From Artifacts To Cyberspace - Second Edition
OUT OF PRINT - DO NOT Order - Evidence Explained - Citing History Sources From Artifacts To Cyberspace - Second Edition
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This edition of the nationally acclaimed guidebook on source citation and analysis has been superseded by the Third Edition of Evidence Explained.

Evidence Explained – 2nd Edition; by Elizabeth Shown Mills; Published 2009; 885 pp; Hardcover; ISBN: 9780806318066; Item # GPC3843D

Evidence Explained - Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace – 2nd Edition is a new edition of what is now the definitive guide to the citation and analysis of historical sources, a guide so thorough that it leaves nothing to chance, whether you want to cite a podcast or a census record. The new second edition of Evidence Explained includes updates to numerous websites, new models for electronic sources such as blogs and online forums, and new model citations to traditional and non-traditional genealogical sources, thus continuing its role as the single-most comprehensive style manual for genealogical writing and publishing.

Evidence Explained begins with a simple question: Why do we invest so much of our energy into the citation of sources? Followed immediately by the intriguing answer:? Because all sources are not created equal. As a citation guide, Evidence Explained is built on this simple question and answer.

According to the author, there are no historical resources we can trust at face value. Records simply offer evidence, and their assertions may or may not be true. To decide what actually happened, we must understand those records. To analyze that evidence and judge what to believe, we also need particular facts about those records.

Thus, Evidence Explained has two principal uses: it provides citation models for most historical sources—especially original materials not covered by classic citation guides such as The Chicago Manual of Style. Beyond that it can help us understand each type of record and identify each in such detail that we and our readers will know not only where to go to find our source, but, equally important, the nature of that source so that the evidence can be better interpreted and the accuracy of our conclusions properly appraised.


  • Covers all contemporary and electronic sources not discussed in traditional style manuals, including digital, audio, and video sources
  • Explains citation principals and includes more than 1,000 citation models for virtually every source type
  • Shows readers where to go to find their sources and how to describe them and evaluate them
  • Teaches readers to separate facts from assertions and theory from proof in the evaluation of evidence
  • Most Importantly, Evidence Explained discusses source citations for every known class of records, including microfilm and microfiche, and records created by the new digital media:? Websites?, digital books and journals?, DVDs, ?CDs, ?Audio files?, Podcasts, ?E-zines??. Everyone Needs This Book!